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SV Stands for Science Viking. This is because we offer Historical Interpretation services that include Science Communication as a focus. We also offer a top quality secondary science teacher for supply services in Cumbria.

Our historical interpretation displays can integrate into STEM through History of Science. What has technology got to do with why the Vikings suddenly exploded out of Scandinavia? Why would many artists and scribes in medieval times also be considered expert chemists today? Was Alchemy just magic, or was it really proper science? So whether you are a science fair or a historical event or a school, SV Educational Services is one of the only places where you can mix science and history and find out how they formed the modern world we live in today. So, if you need a Science Viking, you need look no further.

SV Educational Services is committed to providing high quality Science Communication and Historical Interpretation services, with a focus on showing the History of Science through the ages.

Young Cumbria Vikings

Our experienced Historical Interpreter can help your audience understand what it was like to live during Viking and Medieval times, whether you are an attraction, a museum or a school.

We can also provide Viking re-enactment events, from a few warriors with a couple of tents performing small skirmishes, up to over 100 warriors on the field performing large-scale battle re-enactments, with a large Living History encampment. We even have access to a Viking longboat!

At present we have three main characters: Bjarni Thorvaldrson, a Viking raider and trader; Brother Mellitus, a medieval monk and expert on ink and pigments used to make medieval manuscripts; and Albert Harvey, medieval alchemist and physician. More characters are in the pipeline, but if you need something in particular we can usually help or put you in contact with an expert for that period.

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